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Mining & Energy

Companies in the mining and energy sectors are very critical to market demand and supply. The challenges to meet this requirement is very crucial and are subjected to business loss. HALA, with its vast experience in serving this industry, has customized solutions that address this gap. Our solutions are complemented by supply chain consulting to optimize our customers’ total Supply Chain and Logistics costs and service. HALA intertwined in moving equipment and supplies to the remote site and shipping cargo to customers.

We understand that the mining and energy companies need flexible and custom Project Logistics support, and are prepared to handle the heavy, over-dimensional freight which is common to their operations. If the worksite is located in a remote location, being a local company, HALA has an edge over its competitors, with the geographical knowledge for the region and international trade requirements to clear the freight.

HALA is supporting its customers in the mining and energy industry. Couple that experience with its expertise in supply chain management and you’ll experience a flexible supply chain solutions team tailored to your specific needs.