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Transportation Solutions

  • At HALA we offer comprehensive Transportation Solutions designed to accommodate the current & future need in the Saudi Economy, all in line with the country’s 2030 vision.
  • Our transportation solutions include but not limited to:
    • Full Distribution Solution.
    • Transportation Brokerage system.
    • Route Optimization Management.

Full Distribution Solution:

This includes studying clients’ requirements for distribution to find out what is the most optimal fleet with the correct size. This service is provided all across the Kingdom.

Transportation Brokerage System:

Providing all sort of transportation services at the lowest rates using own fleet in addition to a large updated data-base of local transporters. HALA has direct access to over 2,800 vehicles and manage Full or Less-than-truck load quantities and back-loads.

Route Optimization Management:

This service is required when managing multiple trucks, shipments, and loads and it has been proven to reduce tremendous amount of time & cost. HALA uses the science of “Rout Optimization” to dispatch and manage trucks and uses sophisticated software algorithms that simulates the most optimized route plans.

Following are some of the methods used in order to produce the most efficient Route Optimization:

  • Locating all customers by using GPS.
  • Link the data with the customer history.
  • Plan the best route.
  • Track delivery real time against the planned route.
  • Measure and manage driver’s driving behavior.
HALA’s Fleet include:
  • All truck capacity up to 30 tons.
  • 4×2, 6×4, 6×6 tractors.
  • All kind of low beds.
  • Side trucks, curtains and flatbeds.
  • Vans.

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