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Asset Optimization

Assets are the major investment for any company and are often complex to track and utilize to the full capacity. HALA developed technology solutions to optimize the utilization and secure assets, including vehicles, manpower and more

HALA solutions include Route Planner™ RS technology, which helps to improve operational efficiency through a smart route planning. Leveraging market-proven algorithms and geographic network modelling capabilities, it can enhance the order fulfillment process while reducing costs with shorter routes, reduced fuel consumption and enhanced fleet utilization.

HALA Asset Optimization Solutions includes:
  • Optimal planning & sizing of your investment in assets.
  • Optimizing your fleet of vehicles, people and movable assets.
  • Track & trace, tagging, including barcoding, RFID & GPS tracking.
  • Records keeping per item tagged – item history & maintenance records. For people management, personal records & access controls.
  • Audits’ solutions, to assist in updating your assets registers.
  • Distribution Operations technology solutions:
    • Vehicles Tracking with Temperature Monitoring, speed tracking, KM monitoring etc..
    • Shipments Scheduling and Route Planning.
    • Territory Planning.

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