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Records Solutions

HALA provides fully secured and low-cost documents and records management solutions with high international standards in both electronic and physical archiving. This included Media Vaulting Management & Storage, Physical & Electronic Archiving, Secure Shredding, Consulting and Value Added Services.

All clients currently using this service from HALA are saving themselves the hassle, time, manpower and ultimately the high cost of archiving, retrieving and safe guarding their confidential records.

Main Features:

  • Highly secured access controlled with 24/7 surveillance cameras and security personal.
  • State-of-the-art Records management system with barcodes and easy-access online visibility & retrievals for the clients.
  • Daily, monthly or on demand reports.
  • Legally compliant with retention policies.
  • Data & Information Security and confidentiality compliance, using signed NDA agreements, sophisticated & strict internal practices and unidentifiable barcode systems.
  • Provision of technology costs for document management and expertise in maintaining.

Media Vaulting Management & Storage
  • Physically transporting and vaulting backup tapes at secure facilities.
  • Comprehensive data protection and disaster recovery services.
  • Full Access to offsite, offline, and out-of-reach information.
Physical Archiving
  • Complaint & dedicated warehouses.
  • Limited and secured access.
  • Barcoding all boxes for accurate tracking.
  • Industry’s best Records storage & management software allowing visibility on records inventory and easy retrieval within hours of request.
  • Advanced Document & Fire Protection Systems.
Electronic Archiving
  • High-end Scanners and Software’s allowing high accuracy in electronic archiving of Records.
  • Prepare and sort documents.
  • Auto Indexing.
  • Re-filing documents.
  • Verification and quality control.
  • Scan and store images electronically.
  • Provide Enterprise Content Management System (ECM).
Secure Shredding
  • Secure shredding services help clients protect the privacy of their company, employees and customers.
  • Eco-Friendly environment with Recycling of all shredded records.
  • HALA can rely on its vast experience in records solutions to provide consulting services to its clients in many fields, including consulting on electronic and archiving systems, design & preparation of archiving systems, and other consulting services.
Value Added Services
  • Scanning on demand.
  • Retrieval on demand.
  • Audit Support.
  • Pickup and drop records from customers site.
  • Video recording of shredding services.
  • And more…
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