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Warehousing Solutions

Hala is unique in its service offering when it comes to Warehousing, we do not focus on providing just space, but we take the core issue and provide an optional warehousing solution with value added services.

We have tailored our Hala warehousing services to meet all our clients’ needs, starting with the fundamental strategic challenge of warehouse network modeling. Here is where we answer the most important questions that will affect the efficiency, performance and cost of the Supply Chain.
The second Services Offering is to design, build and establish the new warehouse design, taking in consideration the product’s special requirements, through put, seasonality and adhering to world standards of health and safety and best practices.

Our third Services Offering includes managing and operating clients’ warehouse requirements, the client can take advantage of our 125,000 m2 of warehousing located in 5 cities.

The warehouses run by well trained professional staff, guaranteed safe handling and best practice stock control systems, managed with a reliable warehouse management system. With Hala the client will reduce his overhead costs, increase customer service efficiency and improve his supply chain flexibility.

Hala warehousing’s value added services includes:
• Safe unloading and packing
• Palletization and re-palletization
• Barcode Labeling and re-labeling
• Product proportion
• Picking
• Stock ration analyses and statistics
• Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Including batch control
• Assembly
• And any other unique client requirements

Hala Warehousing was the first company to ever develop the concept “In-Sourcing”, were our client fully own the assets and Hala manages all aspects of the operations.