Operations Manager

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Improve the operational systems and related processes and policies by managing and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency.   
  • Play a significant role in long-term planning, including any initiative geared toward operational excellence.
  • Ensure that all terms and conditions of the lease agreement are fully implemented.
  • Coordinate with the Logistic manager, Sales executives, receivables accountant and other regions if needed to maintain accurate and updated records of the Lease fleet belong to his area of operations.
  • Custody of vehicle spare keys and RAC & Lease registration cards and the follow up on their renewal on time.
  • By coordination with the logistics manager, ensure all newly purchased RAC & Lease vehicles are properly received and recorded in the car master on time.
  • By coordination with the logistics manager, sales executives and the receivables accountant, ensure that all newly purchased Lease vehicles are properly delivered to customers on time; their documentation is properly maintained and accordingly invoiced.
  • By coordination with the logistics manager, sales executives and the receivables accountant, ensure that all expired leased vehicles are collected from customers on time, any missing items or misuse are charged, their documentation is properly maintained and accordingly their contracts are closed in the system.
  • Ensure that all lease vehicles appears in the car master are invoiced or their status is justified i.e. service cars or replacement pool …etc. 
  • Organization of operational documents and their proper filing. 
  • Supervise and coach operations team meetings on a weekly basis.
  • Control of the Lease temporary replacements by monitoring the issuance of each replacement according to the company policy which is stated in the lease agreement.
  • Control of gasoline consumed in the RAC vehicles given as lease replacements, and properly charged to users.
  • Monitoring of traffic violations system.
  • Monitoring the staff service cars usage, and report any misuse or accident.
  • Monitoring the insurance claims and all related matters.
  • Ensure that vehicle maintenance and repairs are done according to company schedules, policies and standards.
  • Listen to lease customer operational complaints and resolve them.
  • Preparation of operational reports required by higher management.  


  • 4 years university degree in business administration or similar.    
  • At least 3 years experience in operational tasks with supervisory level.
  • Strong background and work experience in team leadership and discipline.
  • Excellent spoken and written English & Arabic languages and excellent computer skills and proficient in excel, word and outlook.
  • Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Demonstrated leadership and vision in managing staff groups and initiatives.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and a collaborative management style.
  • A demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards.
  • Excellent people manager, collaborative work style and commitment to get the job done.
  •  Ability to challenge and debate issues of importance to the organization.
  • Ability to look at situations from several points of view.
  • Persuasive with details and facts.
  • Delegate responsibilities effectively.
  • High comfort level working in a diverse environment.
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